Membership in STEP will provide the conduit for the expansion of your knowledge of regulatory issues and further your focus on professionalism in the industry. STEP is an interdisciplinary organization with high standards and goals through which it:

  • provides constant updates on the latest issues and legal developments,
  • provides publications with up-to-date relative information,
  • provides support from a nationally recognized credentialing organization,
  • promotes a dedication to the development of ethical practices, professional standards and, technical competency.

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Membership Application

STEP, as directed by the Society’s bylaws, has made provisions for multiple levels of membership. These levels allow the Society to maintain membership interests that transcend the traditional realm of environmental professionals: the consultant. We have made an allowance for individuals in the following six categories:

Corporate Membership
Those entities that operate as a company or corporation to provide environmentally related services within the State of Texas. The Corporate Membership allows the identification of one professional as the designate member. Annual dues = $200 per company.

Professional Membership
Those persons engaged in environmentally related services and, having a college degree in an environmentally related discipline, and/or practical professional experience in the environmental industry as deemed appropriate by STEP’s Board of Directors. Annual dues = $50 per person.

Student Membership
Those persons enrolled in higher education disciplines related to the environmental profession may apply for student membership. Annual dues = $15 per student.

Institutional Membership
Those entities engaged in the environmental education aspects of disciplines pertaining to the environment. The Institutional Membership allows the identification of one professional as the designate member. Annual dues = $200 per institution.

Ex-Officio Membership
Those persons or entities selected by STEP’s Board of Directors whose contribution is noteworthy of recognition, and who may serve on the Board of Directors as non-voting members. Annual dues are waived for Ex-Officio Members.

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Texas STEP Membership Application